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Migration to Drupal

When all Champagne from Sitrus fridges was gone it was the time to think about best ways to maintain the site and build up new functions on it. It was a no-brainer to figure that our main working tool was Drupal and we should consider migrating sitrus.com to it. The scalability of Drupal greatly exceeds that of Wordpress and it was a deal breaker. Supported by a will of management to have a high class corporate website we ventured to develop Drupal copy of the Wordpress site. In February the site was ready, in March it was published. Though ordinary users could hardly notice the replacement, new site became way better under the hood.


How excited we were to hear that JG and Citat are going to merge! In the very first minutes after internal announcement we knew that a new corporate site development will be our immediate challenge and we were ready to accept it.

Brand new website for brand new agency

Hands down Sitrus Agency is the favourite customer of Sitrus Ukraine:)


As the time until official merger date was very short we needed to find a fast and reliable way to deliver the website on time. WordPress is a good tool for super fast website creation. It is possible for a small team to provide basic functionality and wrap it into custom design within mere weeks, not months. That’s what we did. On the way we bumped into multiple WordPress limitations in terms of architecture flexibility and robustness. We diligently solved those issues and moved on towards the launch. The site was up and running on September 30, 2015. It was a new pretty face of a new ambitious company.

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Nobel Biocare

Development team

Denis Klimovsky

Web developer

Sergey Belmas

Web developer

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Web developer

Tetiana Tykhomyrova

Web developer

Dima Klymenko

QA engineer

Yurij Gapon

Project manager

Denis Kratinov

Business unit manager

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