Rebuild corporate website and extranet for a top-quality paper making company

Nordic Paper is A Scandinavian paper producing company. It has been around for more than a century and proved to be a reliable partner. It’s Kraft paper made from nordic trees is remarkably strong, and Greaseproof paper is of the top notch quality.

Goals of the project

Customer wanted to refresh the look of their public website and extranet. Old sites were built on WordPress CMS, had non-responsive design. Customer has also wanted to improve their hiring process, which is managed via website.


Due to the tight deadline a very fast turn around workflow was applied. Once requirements for the specific feature were compiled Drupal developers immediately started prototyping with contributed modules. If no suitable modules were found on the market - custom PHP programming department did their lightning fast job. By the time design layout was ready, the prototype provided possibility to test the user flow. Needed adjustments were made and whole thing was sent to Front end department for making a great look. Several features or functions were developed simultaneously. Such workflow could be a mess unless good communication installed, which all departments managed to do.

Once core functions, such as Article publishing tool and HR management tool, were completed the site was opened for the content team in Sitrus. During content editing work developers continued to finalise the look and feel of the website.  The launch of the website was very thoroughly planned, thus went very smooth. Client is very happy with their new website. They plan to develop it further together with Sitrus Agency.


  • The project was completed in 2 months from start to end.
  • Article publishing tool provides widget selection. One article may look different from another other one by a lot. Admins can add contact forms and dynamically link another website materials.
  • Widgets for sidebars and article bodies are compatible and can be reused across. No need to copy/paste information in various section of the website - admin can just link it.
  • Despite the website has been launched in English only, the possibility to add another language version was added during initial .
  • Project was planned to be built on the new Drupal 8 platform. But due to the requirements to have massive Job application forms there was a technical reason to keep it in stable and known Drupal 7.
  • Non-trivial task was to migrate the vast amount of data from WordPress to the new Drupal site and match that data to the new representation.

––  Web Development

Denis Klimovsky

Web developer

Inna Oreshkevich

Web developer

Denis Kratinov

Business unit manager

Sergey Belmas

Web developer

Tetiana Tykhomyrova

Web developer

Denis Viunyk

Web developer

Dima Klymenko

QA engineer

Anna Vazhlivtseva

Web developer

Yurij Gapon

Project manager

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