Fast and handy mobile presentation tool for dental business salesmen

Nobel Biocare is a leading developer and producer of hi-tech implants for dental restorations. One will find dentists who use their products all over the world.

Purpose of the project

Shortly after iPads emerged on the market former Citat was ready to offer product development for the new platform. Nobel Biocare needed a presentation tool for sales representatives. And there we met.


Initial development of the application was done during 2011. Ever since the app is being continuously updated with new features, such as flexible material sharing supervised by management or possibility to organize documents in collections.

As a part of a product we have developed several interactive animated brochures based on web technologies. These brochures remain in the tops of usage for a few years.

Sales App grew to be one of the main tools in Nobel Biocare business. The customer looks forward to improve it further and keep working with Ukraine.


  • App is secured for use by invited members only.
  • PDF and PowerPoint viewers cover most of a salesman needs.
  • There is possibility to playback video materials.
  • Application is capable of serving HTML brochures, which provide rich visual and interactive presentation experience.
  • App works offline.
  • Headquarter has a special channel inside of the app to publish documents which are mandatory for reading by representatives.
  • Exhaustive statistics on material usage and user activity is collected on server.


––  App Development

Development team

Yurij Gapon

Project manager

Vladimir Moklyak

IT / Web developer

Denis Klimovsky

Web developer

Sergey Belmas

Web developer

Dima Klymenko

QA engineer

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